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We are passionate photographers and videographers. We are visual storytellers.

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Our Approach

Raw Emotions • Fleeting Moments • Captured for Generations

Our approach is simple. We specialize in cultural wedding photography and videography by customizing the style we use, to match the personality of our couples. We use only the highest quality equipment, such as full frame Nikon and Canon cameras for photography, and mirrorless 4K Panasonic DMC-GH4 cameras for videography. Therefore, we photograph and film weddings and special events in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) using romantic, photo-journalistic, traditional, cinematic, marrioke, and artistic style.

Some couples wish to highlight their cultural heritage on their wedding day by choosing a traditional and more classic style of wedding photography as well as wedding videography. Other clients are more playful and prefer a creative and more informal style to capture the magical moments of their special day. Whether you have a particular vision for your wedding or you need a bit of inspiration, our team will simplify everything by guiding you along our carefully designed three phase creative visioning process.

  1. Understanding your wedding vision

    Prior to meeting for the first time, we will ask you to take a look at our portfolio and select two sets of wedding photos and two wedding videos that you like the best. This way when we meet, we will have a clearer idea of what your preferences are when it comes to colour, style, approach and the overall look and feel for your wedding photography and videography.

  2. Guiding you through the planning process

    During our first meeting we will take a look at the wedding photographs and wedding videos which you have selected and identify those elements which you liked the best. We will then explain the benefits of each different style to see if there are any elements that you would like us to use when capturing your wedding day. Once the photography and film style have been determined, together, we will proceed in the selection of colour saturation, sharpness, scene sequencing and taking note of any important details that you would like us to capture. Most brides and grooms spend months planning their colour scheme, choosing their flower arrangements, finding the right caterer or looking for the perfect wedding cake. During the wedding day, things can get so hectic that the bride and groom often do not have enough time to enjoy all the details they worked so hard to plan and organize. With our simple and detailed planning, we make sure that all these details are captured exactly the way you would imagine them to be.

  3. Confirming all the details

    After our meeting we will create a Pinterest board for your wedding, or connect to your Pinterest board. That way we can continue to collaborate creatively and understand what you like and how you wish your wedding to be captured all the way until your special day.

    In addition, after the consultation, we will ask you to provide us with your music requests for the wedding video. We will also send you a sample of interview questions we usually ask family and friends. We request that you provide us with your selection if you would like us to approach your guests and ask them for a few comments of well wishes. This is a great idea, as it is a way to capture warm sentiments of your closest ones and also to tell your love story indirectly.

    Finally a week prior to the wedding we will confirm all the wedding day details, such as all the locations as well as start and end times.

Who We are: Visual Storytellers

Our professional photographers and videographers are trained in photojournalism, cinematography and fine arts. We use our craft to perfectly capture your magical moments as they unfold, unscripted and unobstructed. We do not simply take photos or film events – we tell stories by capturing fleeting moments and raw emotions which will be cherished for generations. Our wedding photographs and wedding films tell the story of your most important day, and we take the time to give proper attention to every single detail.