Chiara & Matthew: SDE Same Day Edit

On October 17th, Matthew & Chiara exchanged wedding wows in a beautiful setting at the St. Francis of Asisi Church in Toronto.

This truly, madly and deeply in love couple was surrounded by a large group of their closest family and friends. At the wedding ceremony dashing groom was looking very handsome in his traditional kilt while everyone was left speechless when the beautiful bride walked down the church isle.

Please take a look at their SDE, Same Day Wedding video shot using Traditional Style of Filming.

This wedding day had so many joyful moments that it is difficult to decide which one was the most memorable. Perhaps it was Zia’s incredible home made cookie spread, or Chiara looking radiant, or all the guests having incredible amount of fun at the photo booth. In the end all would agree that Matthew's Chinese lanterns provided most guests with a highly memorable moment. What was so memorable about these lanterns? We suggest you ask the groom himself!

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