Downtown Toronto Engagement and Wedding Photography Locations

Written by: Shannon Hamilton, Toronto based Writer

A guide to wedding and engagement photography locations in Toronto

Timeless and Elegant Locations

1. One King West

One of the more unique indoor spaces, One King West is a hotel and has an old-fashioned bank vault in the basement, which makes for some very unique photos. The chandeliers upstairs are pretty gorgeous and this location definitely lends to dramatic and unique portraits. Looking for a Toronto photo location with a historic background? Look no further!

Address: One King Street West, 1 King, St W, Toronto, ON. M5H 1A1

Phone Number: 416-548-8100

Permit required: $400 for 2 hours.


One King west wedding photography location in Toronto

2. Front Street and Esplanade

Located on Front Street just east of Yonge Street. If you are an urban couple looking for a colourful downtown neighbourhood for your engagement and wedding shoot this area is just perfect. Just one street north on Wellington, there is one-of a kind rectangular red brick building called Gooderham Building with Toronto skyline offers just the perfect backdrop for your photos. Area features beautiful architecture, outdoor cafes and a parquette with flower beds and beautiful water fountain.

Address: Front Street and Market Street

Permit required: no.

Photography wedding at front street and esplanade in front of Goderham building

3. University of Toronto – Hart House

gorgeous place to have both an outdoor and an indoor shoot – both places require separate permits. The gorgeous architecture at the university of Toronto cannot be beat.

Address: 7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON. M5S 3H3

Phone Number: 416-978-2452

Permit required: yes.


Photography wedding at Hart House in Toronto

4. University of Toronto–Knox College

Knox College is a beautiful spot with lots of indoor spaces and dramatic architecture. The antechamber is stunning and the courtyard and front steps are also gorgeous. There is a great outdoor covered archway that still allows natural light photography, even if it’s raining.

Address: 59 St. George Street Toronto, ON. M5S 2E6

Phone Number: 416-978-4500

Permit required: yes. $335 (including tax) per two-hour time block


engagement and wedding photography at Knox College in Toronto

5. University of Toronto–Trinity College

Trinity College located on Hoskin Avenue, just west of Queens park has long been favouried location for both wedding photography and engagement shoots because of its unique architectural elements. Front of the building features a beautiful garden in the shape of a quadrangle. The building is built of grey stone which provides an ideal backdrop for the photos. Front heavy wooden doors have intricate carvings which add elegance and high style to your photos. In addition, the college houses Trinity College Chapel which has beautiful stained glass windows which let in soft, diffused and beautiful light to create just the perfect photo opportunities.

Address: 6 Hoskin Avenue Toronto, ON M5S 1H8

Phone Number: 416-978-2522

Permit required: yes. $150/hour+HST 50% off for students, staff and alumni

 engagement and wedding photography at Knox College in Toronto

6. Philosopher’s walk

Philosopher’s walk is incredibly pretty and scenic pathway located on the St. George campus bound by the Bloor street and Harbord Street, just west of University Avenue. Formerly a natural ravine where Taddle Creek used to run, now the creek runs beneath the footpath. The walkway is great for wedding photography as it is never too busy and the famous buildings bordering it like the Royal Ontario Museum, Royal Conservatory of Music, Trinity College and University of Toronto Faculty of Law make for a great backdrop.

Address: 317 Dundas St. W, Toronto. ON M5T 1G4

Phone Number: none

Permit required: no.

Photography wedding at Philosopher's walk in Toronto

7. Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the new spaces to shoot in Toronto. Being able to photograph a bride and groom amongst the paintings was magical and there are amazing spaces that are almost all inside.

Address: 317 Dundas St. W, Toronto. ON M5T 1G4

Phone Number: 416-979-6648

Permit required: yes.

Toronto wedding at Art Gallery of Ontario

8. ARTA Gallery

This art gallery is located inside the Distillery District, requires its own independent permit. This space is not very big, but it is definitely unique and has a specific rustic sort of style.

Address: 14 Distillery Ln, Toronto, ON. M5A 3C4

Phone Number: 416-364-2782

Permit required: $400 for 3 to 5 hours.

Toronto wedding at ARTA Gallery

9. Thompson Landry Gallery

This art gallery located inside of the Distillery District. Has the exposed brick of the other Distillery shops and galleries, along with beautiful paintings which create gorgeous backdrops for photos. This gallery hosts many events, so be sure to get your permit requests in as soon as you can.

Address: 32 Distillery Ln, Toronto, ON. M5A 3C4

Phone Number: 416-364-4955

Permit required: Space rented during day with public is $300 an hour, with 10 or less people. Privately rented space is $500/hr.

 Toronto wedding at Thompson Landry Gallery

Trendy and Creative Locations

10. College Street and Kensington Market

College street, and by extension Kensington Market, is one of the funkiest areas in Toronto to shoot graffiti walls. The artwork is very colourful and unique, and there are many nooks and crannies that serve as nice photo spots. For Toronto photography locations featuring street art and graffiti, the Kensington Market area is definitely the one to beat!

Address: College Street, Toronto ON. Or Kensington Market, Toronto ON

Phone Number: none

Permit required: no.

 toronto wedding photography at college street and kensington market

11. Graffitti Alley at Queen Street West and Spadina

If you are looking for urban style photography, Queen Street West offers a more funky and fun vibe in downtown Toronto. The corner of Queen and John has a great angle of the CHUM building and the CN Tower. There are also many alleyways and storefronts which work great as colourful backgrounds.

Address: Queen Street West, Toronto ON

Phone Number: none

Permit required: no.

 graffitti alley toronto wedding photography at queen street west

12. Yorkville and Bloor Street

Yorkville and Bloor St. are the perfect location is you want dramatically lit, nighttime photography with an urban feel. Located in downtown Toronto, Yorkville is perfect for this because of all the lit-up storefront windows. Because Yorkville is public property you don’t need permission to shoot here. If you are looking to go in the summer, some pretty cool images can be created by shooting through the waterfall fountain.

Address: Bloor Street W, Toronto ON

Phone Number: none

Permit required: no.

 toronto wedding photography in yorkville and bloor street

13. Distillery District

The Distillery District is located east of Yonge street, just south of Front St. and Parliament Street. Restored Victorian buildings and cobblestone streets are a perfect backdrop for wedding and engagement photos. There is a beautiful red heart shape sculpture which couples love to pose next to, as well as the love locks attached to one of the walls. It is easily the most popular photography location in Toronto. As a result, it is full of pedestrians and visitors, especially on the weekends. Historical setting, the art pieces and love locks make distillery one of the most popular and loved places for wedding and engagement photographs. Also, when planning your shoot check Distillery events calendar to avoid any of the festivals like Toronto Christmas Market when the area is populated with many white tents

Address: 55 Mill Street, M5A, Toronto On

Phone Number: 416-364-1177

Permit required: yes, available on-line. $225 + HST = $254.25 (4 consecutive hours of photography)


 toronto wedding photography in distillery district

14. Humber Bay Arch Bridge

This elegant white bridge is located west of South Kingsway and south of Lakeshore Boulevard. It is a bustling footbridge, and therefore many pedestrians, cyclists and rollerbladers are always coming and going. Be mindful that all those people might show in the background of your photos. The bridge is also on the water offering unobstructed views of the lake, greenery and the sky which create just the perfect backdrop for your engagement and wedding photos.

Address: Martin Goodman Trail

Phone Number: 416-392-2489

Permit required: no.

 toronto wedding photography humber bay arch bridge

Garden Locations

15. Toronto Music Garden

Located south of Lakeshore Boulevard West and just west of Spadina Avenue. This waterfront garden was inspired by Bach and co-designed by Cello player Yo-Yo Ma. It is incredibly scenic featuring curving flower beds, and grass covered stairs which resemble piano keys. Allthe greenery and architectural features of the garden make it a very popular location for engagement and wedding photos.

Address: 479 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5V 3M8/p>

Phone Number: 416-338-0338

Permit required: $133.38 for 2 hours.


toronto and engagement wedding photography toronto music garden

16. Allen Gardens Conservatory

Located south of Carlton Street and east of Jarvis street. This beautiful greenhouse dates back to 1910 and is made out of cast iron and glass. It is a home to beautiful and exotic tropical plans which are always in bloom. It does not matter what time of year you choose to take your engagement or wedding photos here, the greenhouse will always be full of colourful flowers in full bloom and beautiful greenery. The greenhouse features a very scenic bridge as well. Central location and indoor location make it a favourite spot for many engaged and wedding couples!

Address: 19 Horticultural Ave, Toronto, ON M5A 2P2

Phone Number: 416-392-7288

Permit required: $533.38 for 2 hours.


toronto and engagement wedding photography Allen Gardens Conservatory

17. Ashbridges Bay Park

fabulous beach location to the east of downtown Toronto, located south west of Coxwell and Lakeshore Boulevard East. Ashbrides Bay park features mature trees, long sandy beach and beautiful lake waterfront. It is a perfect spot for romantic, sunset or backlit photography on the beach, that also features the Toronto skyline and CN Tower in the background.

Address: 1561 Lake Shore Blvd East, Toronto ON. M4L 3W6

Phone Number: 416-392-8186

Permit required: $103.00+HST per 2 hour booking

 toronto and engagement wedding photography ashbridges bay park

18. Kew Gardens

This park lies in Toronto’s East Beaches neighborhood. The garden interior features a wading pool and playground, trails, covered band stage, naturalized and open grassy areas. At its south end, the park meets up with the boardwalk and beach that run along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Perfect for taking photos!

Address: 2075 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON. M4E 2N9

Phone Number: 416-392-2489

Permit required: $103.00+HST per 2 hour booking

 toronto and engagement wedding photography Kew Gardens

19. James Gardens

Located in Etobicoke, south east of Royal York Road and Eglington Avenue West, this botanical garden is known for its flowing flower beds, terraced stone pathways, spring-fed streams, beautiful wooden bridge and mature trees. If you are looking for a beautiful setting for your engagement or wedding shoot, this is it!

Address: 61 Edgehill Rd, Etobicoke, ON. M9A 4N1

Phone Number: 416-392-8986

Permit required: $288.40+HST per 2 hour booking (min booking 2 hr)

 toronto and engagement wedding photography James Gardens

20. Guild Park and Gardens

Located in Scarborough, east of Eglington Avenue East and Kingston Road. It is one of the most unique parks in the city as it features a large outdor Greek stage composed of white stone columns and archways. In this 50 acre park there is also a 19th century log cabin. There are several trails with beautiful vistas of the lake. This park is not very crowded and is therefore quite popular for engagement and wedding shoots.

Address: 201 Guildwood Pkwy, Scarborough, ON M1P 4N7

Phone Number: 416-392-2489

Permit required: $373.37 for 2 hours.


 toronto and engagement wedding photography Guild Park and Gardens