Top Trends in Wedding Photography for 2017 explained

Written by: Natasha Cantera, Toronto based Writer

Let’s go over some of the trends in wedding photography for this upcoming year!

1.Cinematic and Vintage Wedding Photography

An ever growing trend within every part of wedding photography over the past couple years has been Polaroid and Instax cameras. With this comes a romantic sense and vintage style that many brides strive for in their wedding photos. With filters from apps such as VSCO Cam that provide a vintage look, many people are achieving this rawness to give their photos colours that give them a filmic sense. This style gives a warm, familiar glow, which everyone adores because of its familiarity and popularity. This photography style is a dream come true for vintage loving brides!

vintage style of wedding photography in Toronto

2. High End Editorial Style Wedding Photography

This style has always been popular among wedding photographers because it is so highly posed and regal. It may be time consuming but try and get as many people from the wedding party as possible to be part of your photos. It appeals to everyone in the pictures and they tend to be shared throughout the family more since everyone is involved. Editorial styling is a more serious way of photographing the wedding and wedding party to create a classic and timeless look in which everyone will be happy with. Try not smiling in a picture or getting your wedding party not to smile, in can end up looking timeless and classic! These images end up being the most shared among the entire wedding album because they include everyone involved on your wedding day!

high end editorial style wedding photography in Toronto

3. Drone and High Angle Photography

Want to try something different? Drones are a new addition to wedding photography and are causing a serious uproar because of the creativity that comes along with it. With their ability to take a photo from angles most photographers cannot, they can achieve photos which may have never seemed possible before. This may be something you could be interested in if your venue is historical, or outdoors and you would like to show that within your wedding photos with high angles. This trend is perfect if you are looking for something different that most brides haven’t even thought of yet.

drone wedding photography in Toronto

4. Photo Booths and Photo Sharing with Social media

Social media has become more and more part of wedding culture as time goes on. With photo booths that now integrate to Facebook and Instagram posts, guests feel connected to one and other and have more fun. By having a photo booth with props at your wedding you give your guests something to do, and more importantly something to post on their social media accounts making your wedding more of a fun experience. Give them an excuse to pose in front of something and post it because that means you’ll have more photos of your friends and family having a good time.

photo booths and photo sharing with social media in Toronto

5. All Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and white photography has always been a go to for wedding photographers because not only does it make every photo look more romantic but it also simplifies them beautifully. If you are looking for an overall timeless theme for your wedding photos this year try going all black and white. They will look beautiful and go together seamlessly, perfect for photo albums.

black and white style of wedding photography in Toronto

6. Backlit Outdoor Wedding Photography

Last of all is the trend of Backlit wedding photography. Backlit photos bring out a softness that many brides are looking for in their photos. The warmth that comes with backlit photos is ideal for romantic shots of just the bride and groom and often can be done easily outside. Try asking your photographer when the sun is close to setting to take some photos of you outside, you will be surprised how soft and romantic they come out.”

backlit style of wedding photography