Top Trends in Wedding Videography for 2017 explained

Written by: Samantha Michell, Toronto based Writer

top 2017 videography wedding trends in Toronto

Let’s see what are some of the trends in wedding videography for this upcoming year!

When it comes to weddings, there are some things that never change. Traditions are something that wedo not like to give up on, however in 2017, we are sure to spice up traditions more than ever - and that’s okay! You do not have to give up your something borrowed or something blue to add a modern spin on your wedding.Wedding videography has come a long way since your old-fashioned VHS camcorder, but the demand for wedding videos has stayed with us over the years. Aswe adjust toannew era oftrends, we want our wedding videos to have traditional, sentimental value, but with a new edge that makes it unique to ourselves. Here are the top five videography trends that are predicted tobe a big hit in the weddings of 2017.

1. Live-streaming Your Wedding with Facebook Live

Have family overseas that couldn’t attend your special day but would love to see your wedding live? Not a problem! Social media continues to bring us closer, even for a wedding. With Facebook’s new option tostream live video, friends and family from afar can join inon the fun as well. here is the list of instructions on how to use Facebook Live:

  • Simply click on the status bar, like you are about to update your status
  • Once the status bar opens, you willsee different icons. Click on the icon that looks like a human silhouette
  • Give Facebook access to your microphone and camera
  • press the “continue” button on the introductory page
  • choose your privacy settings. This includes who you’d like to view your live stream (do you want all of your Facebook friends to watch, or a select few?)
  • write a description about your video
  • adjust your camera view
  • click the “go live” video to start broadcasting
  • click “finish” when you are ready to end your broadcast
  • save the video to your camera roll
live streaming a wedding using facebook live in Toronto

2. Opening Movie titles and Opening Trailers Used in Your Wedding Video

If you’re would like to feel like a movie star featured in your own movie, or if you would like to have a more creative opening and closing to your wedding video this is a great option for you. Just like in a Hollywood motion picture movie your wedding video can have opening and closing effects similar to those seen in the movies. Would you like to have your wedding video clips showcased in the form of video pop-up book, we can do that. Would you like to have glittering star dust opening or blazing movie like titles? Consider it done! To see examples, visit our creative videography style section of the website at

opening movie titles and opening trailers in wedding videos
opening movie titles Italian wedding video in Toronto
special effects cinematic opening title polish wedding in Toronto
opening movie titles Liberty Grand wedding in Toronto

3. Combining Images with Video Clips

Not everything in your wedding video has to come from the actual wedding day. If you have important loved ones who cannot attend your wedding, like your late grandparents, photos taken before the big day can be woven into actual video footage. Photographs taken throughout the couples’ lives are most often used, not just from the ceremony! If you’re looking for something with a “wow” factor, this is definitely your go-to.

combining images with videos in wedding videos Toronto

4. Capturing One Of A Kind Moments

You will most definitely remember the big moments of your ceremony, so why not capture the little ones? All the little details is what will make this video perfect. The grooms’ mom helping him straighten his tie, frantic bridesmaids struggling to keep a hyper flower girl in line, or helping the bride in the changer moments before she walks down the aisle - all great and underrated moments to be captured. This trend acts as a “behind the scenes” type of video, and due to the authenticity of it, it is inexpensive as well!

unique wedding moments captured Toronto

5. Birds Eye View from Drones

A birds eye view captured with a drone device is a great way to get amazing views of the wedding and film from unique angles which were not previously accessible. The drone acts like a mini - airplane device with a camera attached to it, which is controlled with a hand-held remote. It is a great way to film the entire scope of the wedding and really capture all of the scenery and surroundings. If you plan on getting married outdoors, this is a great option for you.

drone wedding videography in Toronto

6. Same Day Edits (SDE) Wedding Videos

We will conclude our discussion of top videography trends with SDE or Same Day Edit videography. Same day edits are a great way to showcase to your guests what took place in the morning of the wedding day. Not all guests can attend the wedding ceremony and everyone loves to see the sneak peak footage of bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready in the morning! All footage will be shot and edited the same day of the wedding, in time for your guests to watch! These videos act with a similar purpose as mini-documentary films, telling the story of your wedding day. This includes scenes of the bride and groom, the wedding theme and decor, the wedding party, and guests. Your guests will be entertained, and amused that such a great-quality film has been put together in a short amount of time.

SDE or Same Day edit video in Toronto