Midtown Toronto Wedding Photography Locations

Written by: Shannon Hamilton, Toronto based Writer

A guide to wedding and engagement photography locations in Midtown Toronto

Timeless Locations

1. Black Creek Pioneer Village

Located south of Steels West and east of Jane Street. Black Creek Pioneer Village is a fully restored rural Ontario 19th century village. The venue offers both an indoor and outdoor options for your engagement and wedding shoots. If you are looking for a location that features restored barn, bridges, beautiful greenery and walkways, take a look at this one.

Address: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3

Phone Number: 416-736-1740 ext 5444

Permit required: yes.

Website: www.blackcreek.ca

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Black Creek Pioneer Village

2. Graydon Hall Manor

Located west of Don Mills Road and south of highway 401. This manor house is very impressive and makes for beautiful photos inside and out. There is a great overhang out front for group photos. There are a lot of great details, including a sweeping staircase and a showstopper chandelier. The courtyard in the back makes for some beautiful images as well. Photos at Greydon Hall Manor have a luxurious style.

Address: 185 Graydon Hall Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M3A 3B4

Phone Number: 416-449-5432

Permit required: yes.

Website: http://www.graydonhall.com/events/weddings/

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Graydon Hall Manor

3. Bob Rumball Manor

Located on Baview Avenue just north of Lawrence. Built in 1929 this Tudor building features ivey coverd walls, glass stained windows, wrought iron doors, and elegantly decorated interiors. The location is perfect especially if you are uncertain of the weather conditions on your special day because you can post for your wedding and engagement photos both indoors and outdoors. The grounds of the Bob Rumball Manor are spectacular with a centrally located fountain inside a garden and extensive rose bushes.

Address: 2395 Baview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M2L 1A2

Phone Number: 416-449-9651 ext. 103

Permit required: yes.

Website: www.bobrumballmanor.org

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Bob Rumball Manor

4. York University Glendon Campus

Located on Baview Avenue, just south of Lawrence. A former country estate, this outdoor location features ivy-covered walls, rose gardens, treed pathway, and old manor. It is especially scenic in the fall when the trees are showing autumn colours.

Address: 2275 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON. M4N 3M6

Phone Number: 416-487-6710

Permit required: no

Website: www.glendon.yorku.ca/facilities/

toronto engagement and wedding photography at York University Glendon Campus

5. The Estates of Sunnybrook

Located on Baview Avenue just north of Eglinton Avenue East. The Estates of Sunnybrook is comprised of the large Vaughn Estate and the two smaller venues, McLean House and the Coach House. The grounds are beautiful and spacious; and the front of the house is the most scenic spot for photos. There are also a few indoor spaces that are large enough for wedding party photography.

Address: 2075 Baview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4N 3M5

Phone Number: 416-487-3841

Permit required: Yes.

Website: www.estatesofsunnybrook.com/weddings/overview

toronto engagement and wedding photography at the estates of Sunnybrook

6. Aga Khan Museum

Located on just north of Eglinton Avenue East and west of Don Mills Road. The Aga Khan is a museum of Islamic Art, Iranian (Persian) art and Muslim culture in Toronto. The expansive white building offers unique architectural engagement and wedding photos.

Address: 77 Wynford Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M4N 3M5

Phone Number: 416-646-4677

Permit required: $250 for 90 minutes.

Website: www.agakhanmuseum.org

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Aga Khan Museum

7. Old Mill Inn

Located north of Bloor street and west of Jane Street. The ambience of photo options makes this spot well worth the wait. Old Mill has a great historic vibe and a number of rooms, each with unique décor. At this location, you will be able to get a whole rage of shots without switching locations.

Address: 21 Old Mill Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1G5

Phone Number: 416-236-2641

Permit required: $250 an hour.

Website: www.oldmilltoronto.com

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Old Mill Inn

8. Casa Loma

Located north of Dupont and west of Spadina at 1 Austin Terrace street. What could be better than a real castle! Casa Loma provides a spectacular setting. Access to the conservatory, terrace and gardens are available. Parking is available. Casa Loma is great if you really want a dramatic and historic location for your photos. You do have to be mindful of tourists, so be prepared for that before you go. The conservatory is filled with natural light and is also where wedding ceremonies are held for this location. Casa Loma may be the most historically charming of all the Toronto photography locations.

Address: 1 Austin Terrace Street, M5R 1X8

Phone Number: 416-923-1171

Permit required: Casa Loma charges $450 from the hours of 10:30 am-12:30 pm, and $400 from 12:30 - 2 pm. This only includes the bride, groom and photographer. Any extra guests will be charged $25 a person.

Website: casaloma.ca

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Casa Loma

9. Sunnybrook Stables

Located north of Eglinton and east of Baview Avenue. Incredible vistas of mature trees, sprawling parkland and horses make Sunnybrook Stables the perfect setting for your engagement or wedding shoot.

Address: 1132 Leslie St, North York, ON. M3C 3L7

Phone Number: 416-444-4044

Permit required: $250 an hour.

Website: sunnybrookstables.ca

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Sunnybrook Stables

10. Evergreen Brickworks

Located on Baview Avenue, just north of Don Valley Parkway. Previously known as The Don Valley Brickworks, the Evergreen Brickworks has been renovated and it is a great alternative to the Distillery District if you like the exposed brick look. Because it is a lot less busy than the Distillery District, it is a very popular spot for engagement shoots. Comprised of distinctive industrial buildings, a quarry garden, parkland, sculptures and the graffiti the location offers countless creative, unique, romantic and traditional photo opportunities.

Address: 550 Baview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8

Phone Number: 416-596-1495

Permit required: $250 for 2 hours.

Website: www.evergreen.ca

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Evergreen Brickworks

11. Chester Hill Lookout

Located at the end of the residential street, just north of Danforth and west of Broadview. The Chester Hill Lookout is one of Toronto’s best kept secrets. This little known gem east of downtown offers an amazing view of downtown skyline as well as a lot of privacy. Beautiful stone bridge overlooking the DVP will offer one-of-a kind backdrop for your engagement and wedding shoots. We recommend that you come one hour before the sunset to capture that perfect back-lit romantic photo of you and your fiancé.

Address: 10 Chester Hill Road, Toronto, ON. M4K 1X3

Permit required: No.

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Chester Hill Lookout

12. Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall is located on Queen Street West just east of University Avenue and it free, but different events may be going publicly making the space unusable. The building has an impressive façade and there is a small park. It may be a cool spot to combine with some more casual street photography along Queen Street West. It is very rare to find free Toronto photography locations so if you are on a budget, check out Osgoode Hall!

Address: 130 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2N5

Permit required: No.

Website: osgoodehall.com

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Osgode Hall

13. Spadina Museum

Located just west of Avenue Road and north of Dupon Street. Victorian Mansion built in 1860’s, this is Toronto’s Downtown Abbey. It is one of ten historic museums operated by the City of Toronto. This historic location offers unobstructed views of the city, acres of beautiful parkland and Victorian gardens which create a perfect backdrop for your engagement and wedding photos.

Address: 285 Spadina Road Toronto, Ontario

Phone Number: 416-392-6910

Permit required: Yes. Call for permit information.

Website: www.toronto.ca/spadina

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Spadina Museum

Garden Locations

14. North York Rose Garden Toronto

Located on the northwest corner of Yonge Street and Park Horne Avenue, just south of Sheppard Avenue. In the heart of North York, the Rose Garden has winding pathways, mature trees and a lovely array of greenery and flowers. Parking is available.

Address: 5162 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M2N OE9

Phone Number: (416)397-1340

Permit required: yes.

Website: www1.toronto.ca

toronto engagement and wedding photography at North York Rose Garden Toronto

15. Edwards Gardens

This botanical garden is located at the southwest corner of Leslie Street and Lawrence Avenue. Edwards Gardens is a very popular location for engagement and wedding photography. There are beautiful trees, flower beds and landscaped grounds, winding stream along with scenic wooden bridge and a beautiful staircase. The main building is a modern architectural gem made of glass and grey stone which offers a beautiful backdrop for your engagement and wedding photos.

Address: 755 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2

Phone Number: (416) 397-1340

Permit required: Yes

Website: www.torontobotanicalgarden.ca

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Edwards Gardens

16. High Park

Located south of Bloor Street and west of Parkside Road, High Park is Toronto’s Central Park. This green gem features extensive park trails, wild areas, mature trees, Japanese cherry trees which blossom in the spring time and draw crowds numbering in the thousands, as well as beautiful swans floating on Grenadier pond. Please be mindful that photography permits are not issued for High Park, and if you end up taking photos here with your photographer you may be asked to leave.

Address: 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3

Phone Number:(416) 338-0338

Permit required: No permits allowed

toronto engagement and wedding photography at High Park

17. Cruickshank Park

Located north west of Weston road and Lawrence avenue west Cruickshank Park is a large 11.9 hectare park on the banks of Humber River. The park features some truly breathtaking weeping willows by its paved bicycle path, and if you are not perturbed by the thought of pre-marriage photos taken by the most somber-named of trees, this is your spot! There is also a creek alongside for extra ambience.

Address: 2196 Weston Rd, York, ON M9N 1K3

Phone Number: 416-392-2489

Permit required: no

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Cruickshank Park

18. Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens

Located on the east side of Yonge street, just south of Lawrence Avenue West. The maple leaf trees appear throughout the gardens in various decorative and natural forms. Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens feature beautiful stone staircase, formal gardens, gardens with roses, herbs and multi-tiered flower beds and a very scenic brook. This location very popular for engagement and wedding photography.

Address: 2901 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 3N8

Phone Number: 416-392-8188

Permit required: Yes

Website: http://www1.toronto.ca/parks/prd/facilities/complex/193/

toronto engagement and wedding photography at Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens