Wedding Photography Styles

Photography styles explained

  • Romantic

    This style is used by couples that would like to highlight their state of blissful, over the moon happiness. This style also works well with couples who wish to relive the emotions of their special day when looking over their wedding photos. We accomplish this with the combination of soft coloured tones, which give a warm look to the images, also with decreased sharpness and shallow depth of field of the scene, which offers a ‘dreamy like’ effect. Careful selections of poses are also used, as to document tender moments between the bride and groom.

  • Photo-Journalistic

    This photography style is very popular, especially amongst young, urban couples, as it authentically reflects the special day as it unfolds. A natural colour tone palette is used as well as the natural level of sharpness in order to capture the scenes and people in a realistic, stylish and beautiful way.

  • Traditional

    Couples that would like to focus on their cultural practices and traditions, favour this style. More formal, stylized scenes are favoured over less informal ones. For example, the bride will be captured once her make-up and hair is perfectly done, the bridal party will be posing in front of the venue while informal scenes of children running around or people eating their food will not be photographed. The beauty of cultural elements such as, the rich spread of the Persian Sofreyeh Aghd, the elegant Buddhist tea ceremony, the Jewish Chuppah or the Philippino Money dance, will be emphasized using rich colours and razor sharp high definition.

  • Creative

    This style will appeal more to artistic couples, that would like their wedding celebration to be captured in a unique, one of a kind way. We work closely with the couple to understand their personality and their wedding theme, and then we brainstorm various creative ways to portray their wedding in a unique way. For example, for some creative weddings we would film images consisting of scenery downtown, as the couple wanted the wedding photos to reflect their urban lifestyle. For another couple we would meet them on a beach and film them during the sunset in various tender and romantic, as well as comical poses. Please take a look at our samples.

Our Origins

Our name was inspired by the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci, as he was a visionary, always forward in his way of thinking and highly creative. Our studio was founded on such principles of always striving to push creative boundaries and always aiming to be on the cutting edge of trends as well as technology.

Our Equipment

At Leonardo Films we use the newest generation of professional photography and videography equipment, such as Mirrorless cameras, to capture the magic of your special moments. For photography we use Nikon and Canon full frame cameras. For videography we use Panasonic DMC-GH4 4K cameras. 4K cameras are capable of photographing and filming at a resolution which is more than two times greater than current standard, High Definition resolution. We also use drones, cranes, sliders, etc. For ambient sound we use Zoom audio equipment and Lavalier microphones. We do not use wireless microphones as they don’t have the best spectral efficiency and our primary focus is to ensure highest quality.